About Us

We are a congregation located in the High Falls area of Monroe County, GA. While our address is Jackson, Ga, our physical location is south of Jackson and north of Forsyth next to High Falls State Park. God has been gracious to us in establishing this church body in 1973, moving us to our current location in 1982, and granting us the opportunity to serve the High Falls community. In His graciousness, He reminds us that the fields are white unto harvest both locally and across the world.

We aim to live a Christ-centered Christian life. This aim is only carried out by seeing God as the scriptures reveal Him, loving God as the scriptures require, and obeying God as the scriptures are applied.

Seeing the God of Scripture

Simply put, God, as He is revealed in the scriptures, is Sovereign, and it is His unearned love that is the cause of salvation. His attributes do not change, and are fully on display in perfect harmony with one another at all times. 

Loving God as the scriptures require

We must love God with everything we are and have. This can only be done as we love Him because He first loved us, and must be displayed within the individual, the family, and the local church body in an outward fashion.

Obeying God as the scriptures are applied

As believers, when we see God for who He truly is, we will love Him as is required, and we will seek to obey Him in every aspect of our lives. We will do what his Word says to do. It is His commands and preferences as stated in Scripture that we are to obey, rather than man’s preferences or desires.

Maturing in Christ

FBC of High Falls labors to help each member mature in Christ in this manner. As we mature in Christ, we will not just know facts about God, we will have an ever-deepening relationship with God, and the application of His Word in our lives will be of the highest importance for the correct reasons – We see God, love God, and obey God – according to the Scriptures.