Open Book

Scott A. Chewning


Pastor Scott is a native Georgian, having grown up in Conyers, Ga. After some time in the military and moving to Birmingham, AL, he married his wife Christy in 1995. Together they have two sons and have now been married over 25 years. Scott was called to the ministry and started his journey in 2008 having, as he says it, “no idea what it would look like or what ‘ministry’ would mean.” Since then, it has been a whirlwind of adventure from attending school, doing mission work in Haiti, Guyana, and Trinidad & Tobago, helping in several churches, pastoring, and now the pastor at FBC of High Falls.


His stated goal is found in the mission statement of the church. We exist to equip the people of God to see, love, and obey God – according to the scriptures. Ask him, and he will tell you that for this to happen, our view of this awesome, righteous, holy God must be elevated above all things, and out of that, the proper view of man, sin, salvation, and the role of the church is properly understood as we look to the scriptures.

To God alone be the glory.